Diesel Black Gold S/S12: Behind The Scenes Pt 1 CIMG0545.JPG

I thought it would be interesting to show what was going on behind the scenes at Diesel’s Black Gold Fashion Show here in NYC, before actually posting the lookbook. In a lookbook you see all the models beautiful, ready, made up and dressed – but the dynamic, the synchronization of all these people working together backstage to make this show happen, now, that is something else. Beginning with the seamstresses, the wardrobe people, make-up artists and hairdressers (we had creative consultant Guido from Redken present here, he’s the guy in the 2nd thumbnail in the blue shirt). Everybody was working together with one goal only, to make this show PERFECT! The vibration, the nail biting, the nervousness…the last minute adjustments, the whole feel of electricity before the big moment when the model struts out onto the stage. This is unique and I have captured some of the images for you. Above and below are the two people without whom all this never would have happened: Renzo Rosso, creator of Diesel and Sophia Kokosalaki, Black Gold’s designer. I had the opportunity to meet them both and I am totally impressed by their professionalism and their ability to face a gang of us ruthless reporters and badgering bloggers. I will follow up with our Q/A with them soon.

Diesel Black Gold S/S12: Behind The Scenes Pt 1 CIMG0596.JPG
Diesel Black Gold S/S12: Behind The Scenes Pt 1 CIMG0565.JPG

{Note: This is my personal vindication! I see that even skinny supermodels sometimes struggle to get into their jeans. WOO-HOO!!}

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