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Fashion Week in NYC is more than just fashion shows, it is a total fashion immersion. The City itself becomes one great fashion show where the streets are the runways and the people are the models, stylists and designers. There are “street” shows – people milling around in the Meatpacking District and Downtown Soho….well, these are the images you will see here posted by Jessie who is here with me to share in all the events. But let me just give you a glimpse of a couple of shows that I have attended so far. Andrew Buckler’s S/S 12 was held in the middle of Gansevoort Street in broad daylight. How refreshing is THAT!? And Simon Spurr’s S/S 12 took place at the Milk Studio, one of New York’s fabulous indoor spaces. Both shows were very impressive, chock full of beautiful people and, of course, those emaciated male models – kids really – sporting a clean short haircut parted on the side. They reminded me a little of those young boy haircuts of the last century that we see in our history books and on the covers of old Saturday Evening Posts! The vibe was rad in both shows. But you know New Yorkers, always reserved and parsimonious with their emotions, so there were no standing ovations – just polite but enthusiastic applause.

Fashion Week In NYC September 2011 CIMG0512.JPG

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