I Met the Denim Godfather, Adriano Goldschmied! IMG_0730.jpg

That’s right, I met Mr. Adriano Goldschmied himself at a party held by Orta Blu on Monday after Coterie. I know you all read about the time Lisette met Adriano too….. but… this is different because it’s me!

I mean what are the chances of being at a denim themed party, held by a denim manufacturing company, attended by all kinds of denim industry writers, bloggers, buyers and veterans and then meeting the Godfather of Denim there?

Oh um… right… I guess the chances were pretty good. Well, the chances were good… that is if you got to the VIP FLOOR! Yeah, that’s right! We were VIP, baby! Free drinks, swanky hors d’oeuvres and cool peeps everywhere!

I Met the Denim Godfather, Adriano Goldschmied! IMG_0731.jpg