Juicy Couture Fall/Winter 2011 Collection juicy-denim1.jpg

I’ve never been a girl to choose one denim style and stick with it. I love denim in it’s many shapes and shades: from flares to skinnies in bold colors, graphic prints or a beautiful indigo staple. It was thrilling to find a denim line I can completely aline with. Juicy Jean Couture has created a range of denim for Fall/Winter that allows you to step out of your everyday denim rut. Thanks to their versatile fit, you can try many different styles; catering to your every mood, there by displaying your own personal style. Because really…. who wants to be a one look wonder?

My personal favorites from this lookbook are the flare jeans with the little 70’s pocket and of course the brilliantly bright orange crops. The collection also includes 3 other colored jeans: in blue, yellow and light rose hues. Also, I love this new back pocket. In years past Juicy had their “J” embroidered on the back pockets and they have gone for a more streamlined, crisp and clean aesthetic.

The whole collection is available online from JuicyCouture.com with prices starting around $130.

Juicy Couture Fall/Winter 2011 Collection juicy-denim5.jpg
Juicy Couture Fall/Winter 2011 Collection juicy-denim6.jpg

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