Lisette (Geller) Meets: Paige Adams Geller LisetteAndPaige.jpg

No, we’re not related! But besides the same last name, we share our enormous passion for perfectly executed jeans.

Today I was invited to preview Paige’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection at the Jane Hotel, a quaint old-fashioned hotel in The West Village right by the Hudson River. Think Persian carpets, fireplaces, dimmed chandeliers, velvet drapes and comfortable leather sofas full of Indian embroidered cushions. The only thing missing was a gas lantern!

Amidst this atmosphere of intimacy, I had the great pleasure of meeting Paige herself. She is even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures we see of her; full of life and totally charming. She walked me through her new collection and made it crystal clear that for her the most important things are quality and comfort – which she really provides. I can vouch for that. Paige has unified the men’s and women’s collections and created a new design for her label (see thumbnail). But the quality and the designs of the jeans are the same as before, if not even better. Paige stressed and stressed again how quality and comfort are the most important factors for her, and these at a reasonable price point. She told me how overwhelming Coterie was for her, and how it was so packed that at one point she really felt panicked: “Will I be able to do justice to all these people and provide all of them with the best Paige has to offer” – so very human, this reaction, isn’t it?!

Anyway, I am not going to write in detail now about this new collection, just let me point out a few things: 1. floral jeans for women (besides wild animals, of course) 2. pink and turquoise pants for you guys who deserve some colors in your lives. (After all, it is the MALE peacock that has the brightly colored fantail. The female is just a boring gray.)

If you are all dying to see the new lookbook, I promise to be among the first to post it for you here on Denimology.

Lisette (Geller) Meets: Paige Adams Geller Paige-01.jpg

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