Lisette Loves: "The Gypsy" Robin's Jeans Robins-Gypsy-01.jpg

When I interviewed Robin the other day, I asked him specifically about his amazing creation, the Gypsy jeans. The Gypsy was launched in 2008 and is still a global top-seller and is repeated in every new collection. The process involved in creating the Gypsy is a labor of love and involves hours of hand work: studding, sanding, and distressing by their expert production team. Robin’s Jeans will launch a new version in Fall 2011 with different studs. I have seen these new jeans and let me tell you, there are going to be hundreds of little metal balls involved. I won’t say more now, but as soon as I get my hands on them, I will post it for you, they are absolutely a work of art! Here are some details of the made-to-order production which justifies the $459.00 retail price.

– 50 minutes for the studding (1 hour and 30 mins for the new version)
– 2 hours for the sanding and grinding
– 30 minutes for trimming and quality control

A total of three and a half to four and a half hours for the new version, coming this fall.

But besides all the details, the “base” – the jeans themselves – have a perfect fit, straight leg, low rise and do not get out of shape. I have been wearing them for days in all kinds of situations where I had to bend down to try on some new boots, or sit down in front of my laptop to write all my posts, rushing from one place to another in midtown Manhattan, shopping for my clients, running up and down the subway steps and occasionally even sitting down on some curbstone just to see how far I can stretch these jeans. And I take them off at night (I draw the line at sleeping in them!) and they still are no worse for wear. And I say, finally a super-creative and outstanding pair of jeans, with all the gimmicks and little details that make them stand out from all the other jeans AND they fit to perfection.

(Note: I had to hem them like 4 inches shorter and they did not get out of proportion even so)

Lisette Loves: "The Gypsy" Robin's Jeans Robins-Gypsy-02.jpg
Lisette Loves: "The Gypsy" Robin's Jeans Robins-Gypsy-03.jpg
Lisette Loves: "The Gypsy" Robin's Jeans gypsy.jpg