Lisette Meets: Adriano Goldschmied LisetteAndAdriano.jpg

In the beginning (well, 1872), Levi Strauss created Levi’s, and it was good. BUT then in 1978, Adriano Goldschmied created Diesel. And it revolutionized blue jeans forever. For me, Adriano Goldschmied is the godfather of denim. And you can all imagine my excitement when I met him today personally. I was walking around at the Coterie tradeshow, very pissed off about the lousy sandwiches that they serve in their coffee shops (and that I threw out without eating). And when I walked by Goldsign, Adriano was sitting right there. Hey, so who cares about lousy sandwiches, right!? (Instant moodlift). Adriano was absolutely friendly and forthcoming, easy to talk to and we got into quite a long conversation. This man’s history in the denim industry is amazing. There are almost none of today’s denim icons that have not in one way or another, at one time or another, worked with or for Adriano. Jeff Rudes of J Brand is just one example. And here is something amusing to tell you. When I asked Adriano about leaving AG, I asked him, ok, so you left the company, but you left them your name? Why did you do that? So he says, “Well, first off I didn’t want to get into a legal fight over anything, so I just let it go.” And then – listen to THIS! – he said, “I found it quite interesting thinking of what would happen if I competed with myself”! How cool is that!? SO, needless to say, I left Coterie with the satisfaction of having met a really great man and not only that, but finding that he had no superstar behavior and no airs about him, but was totally like the guy next door. Grazie, Adriano, for making my day 🙂 Too bad you couldn’t make me a sandwich, too. I’m STILL starved!