So, we were in the middle of summer, it was in the high 90’s and I wanted to wear my fave black jeans but OMG they were just so long and it was so hot… What to do? And smart yours truly, I go and cut them off under the knee. Cool, I loved the way they looked!

But, summer is over, and so are my black jeans??? NO NO NO! I remembered then that I had met Francine and Renee from this place called Denim Therapy…. Fellow blogger, Johnny Pinto from TheDenimGuy, had introduced me to them at a fashion event. Took my jeans to their store, curious about how they were going to sew the legs back on (how very lucky I had kept those and didn’t thrown them out!). Well, just let me tell you this: I got black motorcycle jeans now. Not only do I have my jeans back, but they got transformed into authentic motorcycle jeans. How cool is that!?

Lisette Meets: DenimTherapy Oak-01.jpg

{after cutting off my jeans}

Lisette Meets: DenimTherapy DenimTherapy0620.jpg

{how they sewed the legs back on}

Lisette Meets: Denim Therapy DenimTherapy0621.jpg

{how the jeans look now, YEAAHH}

Besides fixing holes and tears, they replace zippers and buttons and if you are pregnant and no way you want to give up wearing your favorite jeans, they insert expandable side seams and take them off once your baby is born.

Check out their website for pricing and services!

Lisette Meets: Denim Therapy Butt Before.jpg
Lisette Meets: Denim Therapy Butt After.jpg