Mother Holiday 2011 Lookbook: Pt 1 MOTHER_HOLIDAY11LOOKS_Page_02a.jpg

When I first saw Mother’s lookbook, I couldn’t figure out what it all was about. But taking a second look, I did figure it out. Oh! They are showing their jeans in silhouette. Why? Because then it is perfectly clear if those jeans are skinnies, bootcuts or flares…what a great idea! I love to be able to see clearly what style a pair of jeans is without any guesswork. Kudos to Mother! But besides that, their lookbook is so complete and so resourceful, that I know that you will have as much fun checking it out as I do.

Mother Holiday 2011 Lookbook: Pt 1 MOTHER_HOLIDAY11LOOKS_Page_06c.jpg
Mother Holiday 2011 Lookbook: Pt 1 MOTHER_HOLIDAY11LOOKS_Page_07e.jpg

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