Resin Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook ResinFW11_LB_4.jpg

I have met the designer and creator of Resin, Chantel Valentene, several times, and I have to say I am totally “enchanted” by this beautiful and creative designer. Not only is she full of new ideas and concepts, but she also manages to combine business and creativity in a way that neither sacrifices for the other – something I don’t see happening a lot in the fashion business. Unfortunately I have seen too many brands, once they have made it, go into mass-production-money-making-run-of-the-mill-mediocre-clothes-producing mode. Not that I think that there is anything wrong with making money, but I love to see creativity as well. And Resin, certainly offers that! Kudos to you, Chantel:-)

{btw that’s her, Chantel, on the picture below, first one to the left, with her team!}

Resin Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook ResinFW11_LB_19.jpg
Resin Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook ResinFW11_LB_.jpg

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