Siwy Holiday Collection 2011 SIWY-Holiday-11-F-07.jpg

Michelle Siwy outdid herself with this holiday collection! Awesome, how she uses the sequin effects without being too Snooki-ish at all: see those awesome red jeans with the sequin details on the front of the legs in the third thumbnail row, and those black glitter jeans, and the beige jeans with satin details on the sides of the legs…and I am absolutely gaga (without “Lady”, puh-lease) over those silver lamé pants in the first picture above. Yes, definitely, Siwy has created a totally relevant and totally impeccable Holiday collection!

Thanks, Michelle, you so ROCK!!!

Siwy Holiday Collection 2011 SIWY-Holiday-11-F-15.jpg
Siwy Holiday Collection 2011 SIWY-Holiday-11-F-14.jpg

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