Won Hundred S/S12 Men's Lookbook WonHundredWomen-M-2012-03.jpg

Danish brand Won Hundred came to my attention first because of its unusual shoes and I decided to check them out to see if their denim was equally unusual. “Flattery is like chewing gum. Enjoy it but don’t swallow it” – when I saw this phrase in Won Hundred’s lookbook, I was totally ROTFL! I met the designer, Nikolaj Nielsen, while he was here visiting from Denmark and had a look at his collection. Oh how I wish I could post these images in 3-D!! Two dimensions just don’t do justice to the perfection with which these clothes are executed. So please take my word for it. Each and every pair of jeans is treated with special care. Creases and wrinkles are placed at just the right spots to make the jeans look worn, but not worn out. The styling is very classic and contemporary. Won Hundred combines the edginess of our time with the timelessness of always. Available at scoopnyc.com

Won Hundred S/S12 Men's Lookbook WonHundredWomen-M-2012-04.jpg
Won Hundred S/S12 Men's Lookbook WonHundredWomen-M-2012-19.jpg

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