Artisan De Luxe S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook ArtisanDeLuxe-01.jpg

Artisan de Luxe specializes in translating true craftsmanship into fashion by exhibiting various and unique detailing such as vintage wash treatments, contrast fabric applications, leather patchwork and stitching. You can see that clearly on the image above, the cargo pants have detailed red leather patches on their pockets. Actually, it is not only their jeans that stand out, but their shirts as well. I have seen Artisan’s clothes several times already at trade shows here in NYC so I am able to confirm that they absolutely ROCK! Especially because there aren’t many brands of men’s clothes out there that try do do something different, all the detailing usually is kinda reserved for the women’s clothes!

Artisan De Luxe S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook ArtisanDeLuxe-12.jpg
Artisan De Luxe S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook ArtisanDeLuxe-06.jpg

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