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When I started Denimology back in 2006 the first post I ever wrote was about a pair of jeans I had bought from UK brand Howies. Five years and nearly 10,000 blog posts later an email dropped into my inbox informing me that David Hieatt (one of the co-founders Howies®) had started a new denim label named Hiut Denim Co. You may not know this but Cardigan in Wales used to be a massive production center for denim in the UK. Before it was shut down the factory there used to employ 400 people (10% of the town’s population) who produced 35,000 pairs of jeans every week. Now Hiut have based their operation in Cardigan with the intention of harnessing the local talent and hopefully reviving this proud industry. It’s an inspiring story and I really hope they pull it off, I would love to see quality denim being produced in the UK once again. The jeans aren’t available just yet, but as soon as they are I hope to be the first to tell you about it.

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