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I was pleasantly surprised with a parcel from Firetrap recently which contained 3 pairs of skinny ‘Evelyn’ jeans in different colour ways. I decided to review the deep red wax coated style as I thought they were something a bit different and more exciting than the average blue jeans!

These are the first pair of ‘wax coated’ jeans I have ever owned or tried on, so they felt a little weird when first getting into them. You need to remember that this finish doesn’t give you much stretch so getting the right size is key, and luckily in a size 26 these are the perfect fit – so stick to your normal jeans size with this brand.

My favourite thing about this pair are the colour, Its a deep burgundy/red colour which is subtle enough to wear with most things but also gives a slight edge in that there wont be many people wearing the same colour jeans as you! The wax finish is a nice and easy step away from the usual denim but without going to the extremes of leather. The fit of these is great, They are nice and skinny on the leg and have a flattering fit low on the hips. They are also very flattering on the bum with the pockets positioned in exactly the right place in my opinion.

Although this finish is great for the winter and probably quite good at defending your legs from cold winds (which we are getting a lot of here in London now.) The only issue I have with them is that the lack of stretch means they are not great for ease of movement and comfort. They are great for walking out and about but not too comfortable for sitting around – Although I guess jeans like these aren’t for hanging out at home!!

Overall I would say these are a really great pair of jeans if you want to try something different and want a pair of jeans perfect for nights out and stylish events! If you are looking for this kind of fit but in a more easy to wear finish then try this style in the other finishes as they fit just as great.

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The Firetrap Evelyn G2 Skinny Fit Jeans reviewed here are available online from Firetrap.

Connie Style - Firetrap Evelyn G2 Skinny Fit Jeans 20111008_3663.JPG

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