G-Star RAW Women's Night with Elle Magazine  Ida, myself, Wendy from nitrolicious and Suzy from StyleCaster.jpg

Earlier this week, I found myself on Broadway and Houston for a fitting with one of my favorite denim brands, G-Star RAW. Reason being, a good friend of mine and Denimology’s own, Jessie Thorpe, contacted me with some news. “Jessica, I got a job for you, girl!” I, of course, was ecstatic. “Sure, what is it?!” – I texted back within, about, 1.2 seconds of receiving said message.

It just so happened that the “job” was to be decked out in G-Star RAW for this very blog, hence the fitting, and enjoy a “Women’s Night” of pampering with Ida Kay of G-Star and Elle Magazine’s Market Editor, Jade Frampton. Lovely, I thought.

So there I was in my brand new G-Star X Kitson Arc Vest, with friends in toe. We’re all denim fanatics so it made sense. Model and blogger Sasha Owen, Kendall Tichner of Evolve Electric Motorcycles, Susie Gertner of StyleCaster and my twitter obsessed self (note: #jesstweets). We lounged around with champagne in hand enjoying beauty treatments, some light shopping, Bobbi Brown and denim manicures. I felt like a prom queen barbie doll on denim steroids by the end of the evening. True story.

The aftermath made me realize that being around several like-minded women doing what we do best (making eyes at the only men in the place that happened to be passing out the champagne) is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Especially when you’re wearing a pair of denim that elongates, slims down and hugs your hips perfectly making you feel sexy because you know your ass looks phenomenal.

Cheers to G-Star + Elle Magazine for a magical evening of denim and merriment.

xx, jess

G-Star RAW Women's Night with Elle Magazine  Kendall, Sasha and I.JPG
G-Star RAW Women's Night with Elle Magazine  me   makeup.JPG
G-Star RAW Women's Night with Elle Magazine  me, wendy, susie.JPG
G-Star RAW Women's Night with Elle Magazine  me.JPG