Genetic Denim FW11 Lookbook 298694_10150315672583801_72947873800_7865885_940569237_n.jpg

Genetic Denim designer Ali Fatourechi does it yet again. Striking yet another fashionable home run, Fatourechi accomplishes several denim styles. With vigor for Fall, the brand makes a flurry of fabulous flares, succeeds at double denim suits and manages to make chic, office friendly denim skirts.

I always feel fabulous and trendy when I slide into my Genetic Denim. Currently, I have 6 pairs of jeans hanging in my denim collection.

Genetic Denim FW11 Lookbook 300106_10150315672428801_72947873800_7865881_440439329_n.jpg

Genetic Denim FW11 Lookbook 296364_10150315673018801_72947873800_7865897_1695168106_n.jpg

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