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Hold the phone! I have some seriously unique jeans to tell you about! I’m talking about these J Brand Distressed Wax Coated Leggings in Smokestack. Waxed coated jeans you might ask, what the heck??? YES, I tell you! They are strangely the coolest pair of jeans I’ve ever tried on! I’m not saying that these jeans would be a style I would want to don on the regular, but I feel these jeans would be a perfect choice if you’re looking to spark up your outfits! Plus, how perfect would these jeans be in a rainstorm?? Talk about waterproof denim!!

I will admit that the fit was not exactly my fave — they are a lot tighter than other J Brand skinnies that I’ve tried, and I think going a size up would have benefited me. This pair is 77% cotton, 21% polyester, and 2% spandex, but the wax coating doesn’t allow the denim to stretch as easily. Going up a size would have made them more comfortable fit wise, and look wise. I felt this pair looked a tad too tight and they were so tight that I felt constricted. One look you certainly want to avoid when purchasing a pair of skinny jeans is the “stuffed sausage effect.” That’s why I think it is extremely important to know your size in a brand and your size in particular styles of denim. Some styles of denim I know I need to go up a size, whereas some brands are true no matter what style I purchase. I say, if you can try the jeans on prior to purchasing then definitely do so!

When it comes to the color, the smokestack hue is unique and I really like it. I think a lighter color would have been too much for this style and texture of jean — the darker hue allows the wax coating to be slightly understated and not so flashy. As far as pockets go… I’m not a big fan of faux pockets, but I do understand that certain slimmer styles of jean look better with them and they allow for a more streamlined and clean look.

Overall, I’d say these jeans are out there for sure, but if you’re a denim lover that likes to step outside the box then I’d say give these a shot!

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The J Brand Distressed Wax Coated Legging reviewed here are available online from Singer22.

Jen Style - J Brand Distressed Wax Coated Legging DSC04750.JPG

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  1. I have four pairs ( 1 petite 16, 1 size 16 & two petite size 18 NYDJ Angelina coated denim leggings in black and my wife has two pairs of smaller sizing. they are my favorite denim pants the last four years . Yes; great foul weather pants, either sleet, rain or snow that are tucked into black Redwing Pecos style cowboy boots. I am Hopalong Cassidy of today.

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