Joe's Jeans Launches Jeans Sweats JeanSweats_CampaignI

Joe’s Jeans is proud to launch of their new Jeans Sweats–the latest installment in a welcome rising trend of super comfortable denim. Maintaining the visual integrity of a stylish pair of jeans (unlike more literal sweatpants-imitating competitors) while being far more cozy. They achieve this with a unique fabric technology that’ll afford you a full degrees of comfort and movement while keeping a sleek shape.

Joe’s Jeans explains, “The fabric has the advanced versatility of indigo yarns allowing for complete customization of fabric finishes. Never before has there been an indigo woven that resembles a knit terry and can be treated like a true denim.” They come in three chic cuts, (The Skinny, The High Water and The Skinny Flare), and retail at $158.

Joe's Jeans Launches Jeans Sweats joes-jeans-new-sweat-jean.jpg


  1. I just purchased the skinny fit and these are incredible! I don’t want to take them off!

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