John John S/S 2011 Preview JohnJohn-2012-03.jpg

John John is a Brazilian lifestyle brand which I came across during my stay in Brazil. They will shortly be opening their flagship store on famous Rua Oscar Freire in São Paulo, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world – we call it the 5th Avenue of Brazil! The ad campaign images for Spring/Summer 2011 were shot in Los Angeles by the photographer Jacques Dequeker and reflect the lifestyle of the young and beautiful. Be ready, guys, these jeans rock, I saw a few of their samples and really, there is nothing boring or – been there done that – in their collection. Lucky me, one of their designers is a friend, so we shall be able to post the complete lookbook here very soon.

John John S/S 2011 Preview JohnJohn-2012-01.jpg
John John S/S 2011 Preview JohnJohn-2012-06.jpg
John John S/S 2011 Preview JohnJohn-2012-05.jpg
John John S/S 2011 Preview JohnJohn-2012-02.jpg


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