Kanye West in Balmain Jeans Kanye-West-Russell-Simmons-Occupy-Wall-Street-Protests-New-York-City-10102011-01.jpg

Rapper and new designer, Kanye West was spotted out with Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons joining the 99% (of which he is NOT a part of) in New York City yesterday to support Occupy Wall Street. He wore a Givenchy Tartan Plaid Shirt with light blue Balmain denim jeans and sported his “Yeezi” name plate necklace that was seen on every model at his DW by Kanye West Collection (which we thought kinda sucked major egg shells).

Oh, by the way…. check out the photobomb above, LAWLS!

Kanye West in Balmain Jeans Kanye-West-Russell-Simmons-Occupy-Wall-Street-Protests-New-York-City-10102011-06.jpg

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