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Our NYC Contributor Lisette has been working closely with Italian denim brand Meltin Pot on their Style Me Up Project and we are delighted to be able to feature the results of that collaboration here on Denimology.


Meltin’Pot’s Style Me Up 7 put together this episode by Lisette, the New York Correspondent of She dedicates her time to finding all the latest denim news from the Big Apple for the entertainment and enlightenment of Denimology’s millions of readers around the world.

Lisette’s primary role at Denimology is digging out the lookbooks (sometimes even before anyone else gets them), keeping up with all the new trends and fashions and posting them for our readers.

“For the 3 shots that I have styled from the Meltin’Pot new Fall Winter ’11 collection, I chose 3 different styles and washes of the jeans: the Marcelle, Monie and Naomie.” “I accessorized the grey skinny jeans with my boyfriend’s yellow suspenders to give them a touch of color and I threw in a darker grey t-shirt from MeltinPot’s new collection to provide some contrast.” “And Cindy and I loved the idea of doing a super sexy shot without a top at all (I don’t advise doing this in “real life”, though!).”

“The second look is a skinny baby boot-cut in a traditional dark blue wash.” “Baby boot cut means that the jeans are totally skinny all the way down to the ankle and then open up like a regular bootcut.” “I paired those with my boyfriend’s borrowed button down, as you can play a lot with styling it – either all buttoned up or buttoned up or halfway to show off your sexy shoulders, or even wrapped tight around your body without buttoning it at all.”

“The third look was inspired by a Sixties picture that David, the photographer, had on the wall in his studio.” “So we took those skinny cropped trouser jeans and combined them with a sparkling red top and told Cindy to sit down and play pin up girl on the barstool.” “Even though I was there watching, every time I look at that photo, it just transports me back to the “happy days” of the Fifties and Sixties.” “What really excited me about styling these three looks was that by just making a little change to the jeans or to the top or by adding an accessory, I could create totally different looks that carried my emotions from radically today to totally retro.”

“I want to thank my photographer friend, David, and his makeup artist, Christina, and my beautiful friend, Cindy, for making this project possible.” “What a great convergence of talents!”

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Lisette isn’t just a denim expert, she has many other strings in her bow. Graduating at the School of Graphic Design in Munich, Germany. she has designed sportswear for stores in Rio de Janeiro and has produced fashion shows in The Marvelous City as well. She is a talented personal shopper and has even designed a line of jewelry. And on top of all that she speaks English, German and Portuguese fluently!

But if you ask her, she’ll tell you her real love is denim. And one look at her closet will confirm that. “I know each and every pair of jeans personally.” “They are like my children and I have scores of them.” “I hang them all side by side so I can see them every day when I get dressed.” “I believe that I can express my mood on any day by choosing the pair of jeans that complements how I feel. Jeans mark history. I can identify the different eras by the styles of jeans at the time.” “The workingman’s “dungarees”, and overalls of the early twentieth century.” “The rolled up blue jeans with bobby sox of the 50’s and let’s not forget the first designer jeans of the 70?s (Ooh La La Sasson, anyone?).” “More than any other fashion, jeans are the mileposts of our lives.” “To me, jeans are more than just the most comfortable trousers that you can wear, they are the epitome of self expression”

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1- Don’t wear flares if you are on the chubby, short side. Do some slim boot-cut instead.
2- When wearing skinny jeans, make sure they don’t bundle up at your ankle because this makes your legs look shorter
3 Try to counter-balance what you are wearing, like pair skinny jeans with a looser top and slouchy jeans with a tighter fitting top.
4- Never wear baggy tops with baggy jeans
5- When doing double denim, try to combine two totally different washes for the jeans and for the shirt or jacket.
6- Now that colored jeans are becoming so very popular, try not to go overboard and balance the colored jeans with a neutral colored top or
7- If you want to make a statement, do colored jeans with a totally different colored top – but remember, you need the attitude to carry this off! Like meek and quiet won’t work with an outfit like this!
8- Don’t let fashion dictate your choice of denim. Try to go for the individual type – like “nobody tells me what to wear, I wear what I like”. What I mean with this is, even if Jeggings are the most fashionable thing on earth right now, if you don’t have the body to go with those, fuggetaboutit!!
9- Let your jeans reflect your mood: when in “rebel” mood, go for the ripped, trashed torn and bleached and pair them with stilettos and a silk button down. When you are feeling more demure or subdued, pair your most conservative dark wash boot-cut with a sexy transparent or lacy top and throw a cardigan or blazer on top.
10- When buying jeans, don’t ever listen to the salespeople, listen to the mirror only.

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