New Denim Brand: Angels + Men 314979_209832932412489_209830512412731_606186_1533362026_n.jpg

New premium womens denim label, Angels & Men are launching their debut collection this Fall. The UK based label, created by Mellie Carroll and Jo Matthews, brings a new concept in denim apparel, a range of thermal lined jeans. Their jeans are lined with Fleecetec-Duothermalate to trap your body warmth, while remaining breathable. The line will carry two different cuts, the Straight and Boot cut, in a dark and worn wash, priced at £175.

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New Denim Brand: Angels + Men 315415_214548235274292_209830512412731_621765_1931431059_n.jpg

New Denim Brand: Angels + Men 315415_214548231940959_209830512412731_621764_492199366_n.jpg

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