Patterned Denim Duel: Cheryl Cole vs Nicole Richie 0014 copy.jpg

My first reaction when I saw these photos this morning was that it was rather a coincidence that both Cheryl Cole and Nicole Richie were wearing the same unusual looking X-Factor jeans. However, on closer inspection although Nicole’s do have a similar X pattern on them they are in fact different. If anyone know what either of these brands are please leave a comment below. Everyone else can vote on which pair of X patterned jeans they are prefer.

UPDATE: The jeans being worn by Nicole are Isabel Marant Renell embroidered skinny jeans and thanks to the Daily Mail for identifying that Cheryl’s jeans are by the same designer, they are in fact not an X-Factor pattern, but a Georgette Navajo design.

Patterned Denim Duel: Cheryl Cole vs Nicole Richie richie-3.jpg


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