PRPS Introduces The 4 Panel Jeans EM2_high-1.jpg

I am absolutely delighted to be the first person to introduce Donwan Harrell’s, founder and designer of PRPS, newest creation, the 4 panel jeans for men. I have been to his showroom and checked out this amazing new venture myself. What can I say – this stroke of genius really made me feel like, OMG, what an amazing option for the real denim person, meaning the kind of person that does not only wear jeans, but sees his jeans as part of his personal style! These are jeans made for the real jeans lovers (like me, – Donwan, will you be doing this for women, too, please?) who appreciate each single process, each single stitch that goes into manufacturing this kind of – yes – masterjean.

Now here is what Donwan tells us:

“Over the years, the influx of Japanese denim brands into the U.S. has pushed us to the brink of innovation. Inspiring us to refine our process and improve our design in order to stay at our position of grandeur in an oversaturated market. The four-panel selvedge jean is our latest attempt to continuously manufacture using pioneering techniques. Made with four entirely different panels of selvedge denim, each pair is produced to be an ambassador to the brand in and of itself. Their journey will carry the legacy of handcrafted quality, durability and functionality, assuring our consumers of their loyalty to our brand. So, if you want precise-made goods as well as individuality, the 4-panel selvedge is the jean for you”.

I am awed.

PRPS Introduces The 4 Panel Jeans EM2_high-2.jpg
PRPS Introduces The 4 Panel Jeans EM2_high-3.jpg

Here you can see the different color stitches inside of each leg, which signifies that every panel, front and back, is made of a different kind of selvedge – different colors signify different selvedge,

PRPS Introduces The 4 Panel Jeans prps-noir-689.jpg

Here you can clearly see how the jacket looks, having been manufactured with 4 different kinds of selvedge denim. On the left side is the raw, unwashed version, and next to it you can see the same jacket after it was “treated” – each panel looks different, as each selvedge washes differently. I took this picture myself and if you saw the “real” thing, and not just a picture, you wouldn’t believe how cool this looks and feels – yesss, each panel not only washes differently form the other, but also feels different.