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Rihanna For Armani Jeans Video


After showing you the ad campaign and the teaser – finally here is the real McCoy!

Directed by Steven Klein, this B&W short shows an LBD-clad Rihanna cooling her heels in the backseat of a classic car. Suddenly, another vintage vehicle enters the parking garage and it’s hot male driver. He hands a heavy leather duffel bag to the singer’s refrigerator-sized bodyguard. Its contents? Painted-on jeans and a black leather jacket, which a blonde-cropped Rihanna sloooooowly slips into, but not before a strip down that provides plenty of juicy lingerie shots.

After her wardrobe change, the sexy star exits the car and strides confidently into the parking garage elevator, which–hello!–happens to be occupied by the same foxy delivery man.