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Hey everyone! So I’ve been obsessed with doing anything and everything fall related lately. The other weekend I went to a fair, I had no idea they had those in Los Angeles. In New Hampshire we had a huge fair in the fall and it was a lot of fun to go to, the one I went to in California was just as fun. I always end up spending way too much money on food though! Maybe next year I’ll realize my eyes are bigger than my stomach, but probably not.

In this review, I am wearing a pair of Iggy Skinny by NEUW Denim. Their line of denim gives off a rocker vibe… but in a really good and tasteful way. I very much liked the feel of the fabric even before I put the pants on. The denim has a stretchy feel to it and feels like a very good quality fabric. When I put the pants on, it only confirmed the fact that they are super comfortable. I love the very skinny fit of them. On the backside of each leg opening, there are darts. If you were able to read my article about NEUW denim when they shared some of their Spring 2012 looks, you’ll know that NEUW denim is about adding a vintage feel to their modern fit jeans. Unfortunately once I get the jeans shortened, the darts will be removed. The size I am wearing are a 30 waist and 34 length. Generally, I am fine with rolling my pants but with this pair, I think they’d look best tailored. Also they seem to run a little bit small, but I would still suggest getting your normal size because I am sure they will stretch a little bit.

I picked up this awesome herringbone shirt at a vintage store when I first moved back to LA and it was the first shirt I thought to wear when I put these pants on and then I threw on a pair of light shoes to break up the darkness. I am definitely going to wear these pants when I go out at night or I go to a show and see a band play. They really do give off that rocker vibe which is perfect for going out. They kept it simple with minimal details, but awesome details at that. The back pocket has their signature repair stitching. The leather patch on the back is simple and says “NEUW” in black.

This is definitely a brand that will be making more appearances in my wardrobe. I really enjoy all the effort, detail and thought they put into all their jeans.

The Iggy Skinny by NEUW Denim reviewed here is available online from NEUW.

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