Volcom "Give Jeans A Chance" Campaign volcom-jeans-recycling-photo-3.jpg

When fashion and philanthropy come together for a cause great things have happened so nothing makes me happier than drawing your attention to the Volcom “Give Jeans A Chance” campaign that runs through the end of October.

Volcom has partnered since 2009 with Homeless Shelters to provide clothing to those in need. This year the brand (which I am proud to be part of in so many ways) has declared October 7th as “International Give Jeans A Chance Day” in hopes of collecting and distributing 50,000 jackets and jeans to the homeless.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make it on the 7th you have all month to give the denim you don’t love as much any more to those who appreciate it in a different manner. You also can set up your own Give Jeans A Chance campaign in your own community or participate with a local store.

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