My husband is the kind of guy who never tells me what to do or not to do, he even lets me get away with murder – e.g. wearing my (totally unsexy, I KNOW!) drop crotch jeans. So when he insistently noodged me to check out Duluth Trading, I told him to go ahead and write it up himself:

“Since its founding by the puritanical Pilgrims in the 1600’s, the U.S. has always been considered to be a conservative country – with a rather prudish attitude towards sexuality in advertising, and with a list of “seven dirty words” you can’t say on TV. But every once in a while, a company comes along with an irreverent reaction to that, and in the wide open spaces of the Internet, it can be very funny. Duluth Trading is one such company. Their Ballroom Jeans product is about anything BUT dancing. So, guys, if you’re looking for a pair of tough, strong, work-quality jeans that won’t crimp your junk, look no further. Once you get past their tongue-in-cheek ads, these jeans are seriously made for work with features that make them practically indestructible. Just check out what happened to that angry beaver! And, as the Duluth Trading folks urge you, “Get a pair!”

As a final insult to prudishness, and a cure to many a man’s affliction, check out their Longtail T-Shirts for Plumber’s Butt — a necessary accessory to any pair of blue jeans. It keeps the sun from shinin’ where it ain’t supposed to.”

Ballroom Jeans? No! Ball - Room - Jeans!! Clipboard01.jpg
Ballroom Jeans? No! Ball - Room - Jeans!! Clipboard04.jpg
Ballroom Jeans? No! Ball - Room - Jeans!! Clipboard05.jpg