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Closed Presents Double Denim

Closed Presents Double Denim
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So, there I was in Munich. I arrived there last Monday. BUT, my suitcase decided to spend the week in Berlin – oh I am hearing all your sympathetic sighs, thank you hahahaahah! Anyway, there I was, with just the clothes on my back, my laptop, a book, and my Kindle and a few Euros from the airline to re-outfit myself. Not so good. But then I remembered that I had a store card from CLOSED, a discount for friends and family. How very, very convenient!!!! My lack of clothes was hopefully going to become an embarrassment of riches! 😉

But why I am I telling you all this? Well, while I was busy browsing in the women’s and men’s stores which are located in the fashionable quarter of Munich, out of the corner of my eye I saw a combination of double denim on a mannequin. It absolutely made me feel like I want to dress like this, I NEED to wear this combination. Maybe it was the subtleties of the hues of the blue and the washes, each totally different, blending together in an A-MA-ZING combination. And so versatile! Just add an oversized yellow V-neck sweater from the men’s store and one of those plain white tees for under the shirt, throw in a pair of sneakers and you are all set. And then, when the miracle happens and your suitcase shows up again after 3 days, you can use these pieces to mix with everything else already in there. YAY, thank you CLOSED, for turning my sidetracked Samsonite into a fashion find! 😉

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