G-Star  S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook 16 Navy anorak wmn G¦( Re new kick cropped wmn.jpg

Thank you G-Star for continuing with my fave jeans style, the drop crotch this coming Spring/Summer 2012. These jeans have been rocking G-Star ever since I can remember and each season they “re-invent” them in different washes and styles. The cropped length shown here should be perfect for my 5’4″ frame, and I can already see myself pairing them with some ankle boots and …. Oh well, let me get over this winter weather right now and think about showing off my ankles next year 🙁 And some good news: you can buy G-Star clothes on their website now!

G-Star  S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook 19 CL safari blazer wmn G¦( RE new kick cropped wmn G¦( Dawson spb belt wmn.jpg
G-Star  S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook 15 Navy flare wmn.jpg

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