Get Personalized, Custom Fit Jeans by Acustom fittedfashion.jpg

Surely we are all familiar with body-scanning systems that take measurements for personalized clothing like Bodymetrics and Intellifit.

There is a new company called Fitted Fashion where each client gets scanned to obtain their precise measurements, and after the process, the company makes each client one or more pairs of custom-fit jeans, and mails the jeans to their home. Fitted Fashion’s line of jeans is called Acustom. Acustom jeans are set to retail at the same cost as high-end, off-the-rack jeans – around US$160 to $180 a pair.

The first Fitted Fashion design studio should be opening early next year, in New York City’s Soho district.

“Our goal is to revolutionize custom fit,” said Motlagh. “And to become a platform to enable your favorite brands and designers to make custom clothes specifically for you.”

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