Halloween Sugar Crash 382275_2568782583367_1368271192_2874919_1753246711_n.jpg

Yes, this is your Denimology editor dressed for Halloween. Eek!

Below are my daughter’s costumes. I am sharing them because we really dig Halloween and bloggers far and wide tell me to share more personal pictures so here they are!

Kymi went as a Sugar Skull, Morgan was a rag doll and little Zoe was a cowgirl.

Halloween Sugar Crash 376028_2567457670245_1368271192_2873250_2122924983_n.jpg

Halloween Sugar Crash 299974_2567454990178_1368271192_2873247_206737124_n.jpg

Halloween Sugar Crash 386326_2567456790223_1368271192_2873249_1290239543_n.jpg