Lisette Loves: Habitual Coated Jeans ADDISON ONYX BACK.jpg

I always used to think that coated jeans were for those who can’t afford leather pants but want to wear at least a “leather look”. Sigh. But un-sigh please! Then came the Habitual coated jeans – they look like leather pants, BUT they’re not leather! And they don’t cost upwards of half your salary!

Let me explain. I had to go to this wedding at one of New York’s oldest and most beautiful churches – Trinity Church. Right smack dab in the middle of the Occupy Wall Street protests. The reception was at the equally famous South Street Seaport – clear on the other side of town (no taxis around anywhere due to aforesaid protests)! It was a freezing, almost winter day. Don’t even think about wearing leather pants (leather is known to make you feel cold in winter and hot and sticky in summer!). But no problem-o, I had my Habitual’s. They were warm enough for me not to freeze over yet sexy and cool enough to show off at the party. I have them in black, but they come in brown and a beautiful burgundy as well. And one more big plus: after sitting through the church ceremony, walking nearly a mile, dancing my legs to death and eating all those hors d’oeuvres and cake, they still fit just as snugly and perfectly as when I left home. No saggy butt, no baggy legs – what more can you ask of a great pair of jeans?! I guess I DID have my cake and eat it too!

Lisette Loves: Habitual Coated Jeans Habitual-ALICE CHIANTI FRONT.jpg