Lisette Loves: Raven Remy Jeans 48_4975.jpg

The other day I was invited to preview Raven’s new Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Needless to say that this collection was as impeccable as we have come to expect from Raven. Perfectly tailored jeans and shorts with little button details on their pockets….. But for now, let me just talk about these amazing jeans – pants? – jeans-pants! – that REALLY caught my attention. These Remy Houndstooth jeans are my “salvation”. As you all know by now, I live, eat, sleep and breathe in denim, so it is always a sacrifice for me if I have to wear anything other than a pair of jeans for a more formal occasion. So those Remy jeans from Raven are exactly what I needed: edgy and trendy, pants cut like skinny jeans, pair them with a blazer and high heel booties and pronto. I am ready to go anywhere. You can find these jeans here for $163 and be well dressed without having to give up your jeans!

Lisette Loves: Raven Remy Jeans 110111_026.JPG