Meltin' Pot's Style Me Up With "The Urban Gent" urban_gent_meltinpot_L2allok1.jpg

For its eight edition of Style Me Up, Meltin’Pot teams up with American based top men’s fashion, style and grooming blog and team from The Urban Gent. Last month we, from Denimology, were the “Superstars” for Meltin’Pot’s seventh edition! – just in case those yellow suspenders shown above look familiar to you πŸ˜‰

The Urban Gent Creative Director, Cindy Samoht, put the 3 Meltin’Pot Fall Winter 2011 looks together and these are exclusively available for purchase online at Meltin’Pot, starting Monday ,November 28th, 2011.

The Urban Gentleman aka “The Urban Gent” has millions of readers worldwide, and has become one of the world’s top men’s fashion, style, and grooming blogs. The Urban Gent features everything from how-to-tie-a-tie to details on celebrity style. But one of the greatest features would have to be the style guides– there’s literally a guide for everything, including what a gentleman should include in his wardrobe! Cindy’s keen eye for men’s fashion and style is what can be attributed to the success of The Urban Gentleman, and, of course, that same eye created the Meltin’Pot x TheUrbanGent look book. Each look features Ben Swann, one of the T.U.G Ambassadors/Models.

“I wanted to display a full range of Meltin’ Pot offerings, so I chose a true a chino (in khaki), a classic dark denim slim fit with braces/suspender buttons, and the looser carrot fit (medium blue). Meltin’ Pot offers a great variety of washes and fits, making it easy for any man to end up with a closet full of their denim.” – Cindy

This are the Urban Gent’s 3 Looks for Fall/Winter 2011:

LOOK 1 (shown top):

“Urban Cowboy”: Simple and southern, I paired a Meltin’Pot denim shirt with the perfect dark denim Meltin’Pot braces/suspenders jeans. To accent the double denim I added a pair of limited edition cowboy braces and tan rugged boots. This look stands alone well, but to push it a bit further I accessorized the look with a simple native print scarf and a gold pin. (Cowboy hat optional, lol).

Meltin' Pot's Style Me Up With "The Urban Gent" urban_gent_meltinpot_Look3.jpg

LOOK 2 (shown above):

“City Hermit”: This look really ties into our urbane wanderer trend quite well. As if he’s living in the desert, the city hermit wears a muted color palette to blend in with his environment– streets and buildings instead of sand dunes and stone plateaus. For this look I introduce my own spin on ombre, by creating color blocked ombre. I start from the bottom with beige desert boots and I build up the color with beige and khaki socks, khaki slim fit Meltin’ Pot chinos, and of course a double dose of brown-olive with the Meltin Pot callum shirt, and light-weight coat. I added a few optional hard-hitting accessories with the watch, camouflage scarf, and a heavy duty backpack.

Meltin' Pot's Style Me Up With "The Urban Gent" urban_gent_meltinpot_L4flook3aka.jpg

LOOK 3 (shown above):

“Untitled”: It was hard for me to come up with a name for this look, but basically it focuses on the simple, yet stylish and manly “guy’s guy”. You know the man who watches sports, and likes style, but doesn’t want to overdo it. He refuses to wear “that skinny shit”, lol, but he’s all about tailored, well-fitting clothing. For this look Ben wears a thermal shirt and vintage Georgia Tech football jersey underneath a Meltin’Pot’s fur collar pilot’s coat. And for his denim I chose Meltin’Pot’s carrot fit jeans (the worn-in wash on these are fantastic). I keep the manliness going with a thick pair of navy/white knit socks, tall boots, vintage Navy hat, and optional rugby striped scarf.

And here are their 10 styling tips for this edition:

1.Sock Season: It’s all about the socks and we’re happy. It’s now appropriate to have a couple of pairs of socks that are meant to be seen by outsiders, yes, that means patterns and interesting knits.

2.Ankles on Display: We have the socks for it, so show it off! Roll or push up your pants to layer your socks– this adds an extra dimension to your look.

3.Plaid on Plaid: Plaid *snore* boring, right? It’s time to revitalize it. So take it up a notch and layer the plaid.

4.Colorblocked Ombre: Men mostly see ombre in accessories and maybe t-shirts. Well, we’ve put our Urban Gent spin on it, and have created “colorblocked ombre”. Start from the top or bottom and gradually increase the intensity of the color you’re wearing. We started with cream shoes, khaki and cream socks, khaki/olive trousers, then solid bold olive-brown shirt and jacket.

5.Braces/Suspenders: ‘Tis the season for manning up, basically its getting cold so beards and ‘staches are growing out. Complete the look with a pair of braces– that means they should button on, not clamp ;).

6.Hint of Pattern: Add a touch of something extra to your ‘fit with a patterned highlight, whether it’s camouflage, native prints, or anything else you may like.

7.Denim on Denim: An Urban Gent oldie, but goodie. In the summer you

8.Double-denimed with lighter colors, for winter do it with darker denim. Add a few cowboy details to push it up a notch.

9.Preppy Hints: As much as I love classic prep gear, it’s getting a bit hackneyed, right?! Yea, it is, so let’s slow it down before we hate it and go the complete opposite into grunge-wear or something. To ease up on the prep, let’s keep it to the accessories, like scarves.

10. 90s: Add a little 90s to your look whenever you can– snapbacks, simply oversized sneakers, gold accessories, whatever fits the bill. Simple Accessories: It’s fine to overdose here and there, but keep accessories simple. They should compliment not overtake your ensemble.

Creative director/stylist/photographer: Cindy Samoht

Model: Ben Swann