New Store Opening - S22 By Singer22  NewStore16.jpg

Singer22 is one of our favourite online retailers, not just because they are regular advertisers but because they always seem to stock the hottest new denim before anyone else. It’s like they have a sixth sense for whatever the next big trend is going to be. Anyway, you may not be aware but Singer22 aren’t just an online store, they have a regular old fashioned bricks and mortar operation which is also expanding. Just this week they opened their second store S22 By Singer which is also the first of their stores to sell a full selection of both mens and womenswear. If you are lucky enough to live in Long Island and are looking for somewhere to go shopping on Black Friday then you can check out the store by popping along to S22 By Singer22, 11 Old Westbury Road, East Hills, NY 11577.

New Store Opening - S22 By Singer22  NewStore9.jpg
New Store Opening - S22 By Singer22  NewStore5.jpg
New Store Opening - S22 By Singer22  NewStore2.jpg