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Tommy Style – Doctrine Denim Slim Straight Jeans

Tommy Style – Doctrine Denim Slim Straight Jeans
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Hey everyone! So if you remember my Fashions Night Out adventure, you know that I got to meet two very cool people from Doctrine Denim, Johnny and Paul. I have been really excited to be able to review a pair of their jeans after hearing how passionate they both were about the brand.

I am reviewing a pair of their Slim Straight fit. In my past reviews, I have always talked about how much I love skinny jeans, but I think slim straights are growing on me! Something I really enjoyed about this pair of jeans is that they were not too tight on the waist, which happens a lot for me, so I am normally not able to tuck my shirt in comfortably. This pair of denim fit correctly in all the right places. The fit is definitely something that is flattering and I am wearing a size 29, so they fit pretty true to size. Doctrine took a classic pair of jeans and gave them a twist, they have trouser pockets! How cool is that? I really enjoy the look of the denim pants with trouser pockets. The make of the fabric is 100% cotton and they are even made right here in Los Angeles. I love when something is Made in the USA because it is always of great quality. Inside of the waistband you’ll find the fit and “Doctrine Denim” screen printed in a light grey color.

The color of the denim makes it easy to pair with anything. Lately I have been obsessed with Tartan plaid and JCrew has been feeding my addiction. The solid navy knit tie toned it down a bit, and I feel like the outfit works really well together. I have been impatiently waiting to start wearing all my fall/winter ties again, and I thought this was a great opportunity to do so.

I would definitely recommend that you check out Doctrine Denim. They have a fit for everyone and pay great attention to detail.

The jeans reviewed here are available online from DoctrineDenim.com

Tommy Style - Doctrine Denim Slim Straight Jeans IMG_1399.jpg

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