Buget Style - Hudson Collin Signature Skinny Jeans DSC_0077.JPG

Here we go everybody, with a great pair of Hudson denim this time. As you might know, Hudson is the coolest thing to wear right now. We often hear from Hollywood celebrities how much they love their Hudsons, and I have tried and owned lots of their different styles. They are really amazing!

This pair of Hudson Collin Signature Skinny Melody Jeans might look like an actual pair of denim jeans from the pictures, but they are actually made from an amazing new fabric called F&F (The Future Face of Indigo) which is woven denim with a knit look that makes them feel like the softest jeggings! Yaaay!!! I know some people definitely are not fond of jeggings because some of them look like the weirdest thing in the world, but Hudsons again didn’t disappoint us. As you can see in the pictures; they really look like jeans and with the comfort of leggings.

Ok let’s move on to the fit. As you might guess, I don’t think the size or the fit is a big problem since they are very stretchy. I also really like the wash, not too white in the front. The pockets are the classic Hudson style which we love.

They are really the classic washed denim everyone needs in their closet. They go great with everything. I like the combo of a pair of washed denim with a good leather jacket and a fedora which makes even the simple outfit shine.

The Hudson Collin Signature Skinny Melody Jeans reviewed here are available online from HudsonJeans.com.

Buget Style - Hudson Collin Signature Skinny Jeans DSC_0061.JPG

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