Cher Lloyd In Versace Printed Jeans cl4.jpg

2011 was the year the denim became considerably more demanding of your attention. First of all coloured jeans became appearing everywhere and then animal print jeans started turning heads. 2012 is going to see denim become even more loud and proud with printed/patterned denim set to be a major trend. UK X-Factor runner-up Cher Lloyd has got in on the act early with this show-stopping pair of garishly printed jeans from Versace which she wore at the T4′s Stars of 2011 in London at the weekend.

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  1. I'm starting a mazaine in a couple of months and am wondering what
    equipment I would need to do this. Would it be more economical to take
    my savings and get my own printing press that prints magazines or just
    pay someone every month to do it?

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