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We’ve told you before about Rag & Bone’s DIY campaign. And about Hanneli Mustaparta, Norwegian fashion model turned blogger and regular contributor for Vogue.com among others, who completes this season’s cast of DIY girls. With pictures taken in London, Paris, New York, Norway and Sweden, Hanneli shows herself “up close and personal” in a series of intimate photographs taken on her trips and in her apartment.

Remember Rag & Bone DIY means just that – Do It Yourself: Here’s a camera. Here are the clothes. Now show us how you wear these rad Rag & Bone duds!! Maybe it’s my European roots, but I have to admit that I adore those pictures taken in her apartment. I love the way Hanneli is not overdone, but looks just like the girl next door when you catch her doing her everyday stuff, playing her piano and drinking her coffee. I actually feel as if I know her, which, of course, I don’t – but what I mean is that the way she shows herself and the clothes she puts together, I can so totally identify! Hanneli, kudos to you! 🙂 And a great big thanks to Rag & Bone for giving us these fabulous clothes that go with us anywhere, anytime :-))

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Hanneli Mustaparta For Rag And Bone 24_HANNELI_MUSTAPARTA_RAG_BONE_DIY_12.jpg
Hanneli Mustaparta For Rag And Bone 41_HANNELI_MUSTAPARTA_RAG_BONE_DIY_04.jpg

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