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Jen Style – Marrakesh Kick Flare Jeans in Christie

Jen Style – Marrakesh Kick Flare Jeans in Christie
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Hey darlings! I hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays because they are upon us! I’m happy to say that I finished my Christmas shopping and decorating, and now all that’s left for me to do is bake Christmas cookies and pack my suitcase for my trip back home. Last week we had a cold snap and I absolutely loved it because I was able to break out my faux fur coats and chunk sweaters. However, this week is another story. We are back in the 70’s and I’m so over it. Florida weather is so bi-polar… drives me nuts. Hopefully ya’ll are enjoying some chilly weather this time of year.

Last month I had a chance to review some pretty rad jeans from a pretty rad brand – MiH. MiH is a premium British denim brand designed by Chloe Lonsdale. I had been curious about the brand for awhile, so I was stoked to finally get a chance to review a pair of their jeans.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, MiH’s denim designer, Chloe Lonsdale, is not newbie to the denim world. Her Dad started legendary Jean Machine stores in London, and her Mother was a denim model. Her Father, dubbed “Blue Jean King,” had turned his unsuccessful denim wholesale business into a booming denim shop. Her Godfather launched the brand, “Made in Heaven,” in 1969, which is now “MiH.” I love MiH’s motto: “In 1969 when the world was busy putting man on the moon, here at Made in Heaven we were busy creating the best jeans on earth.” The motto is still held true today, and MiH Jeans HQ is still in Chelsea.

MiH denim has been worn by famous celebs through the years, such as: Jane Birkin, Farah Fawcett, Claudia Schiffer, and Sarah Jessica Parker. The Marrakesh Flare jeanswere voted best flares in 2011. It’s no wonder why Kelly Rowland and Jessica Alba are fans. MiH sent me the Marrakesh Mid-Rise, Kick Flare Jeans in “Christie,” so I could see what all the hype was about.

If you’re an avid reader of my denim reviews, then you know my obsession with flare and bell-bottom jeans. The Marrakesh is SO reminiscent of the old-school “Made in Heaven” flares. The kick flare and jet front pockets give this jean a 70’s chic appeal that cannot be matched. It’s no wonder why this jean is adorned by all body types – it hugs the hips, elongates the leg, and makes the bum look fab – everything a woman wants in a great pair of jeans.

The front rise is 9.5″, the inseam is 36″ and the jeans are made of 98″ cotton and 2″ elastane. They have great stretch and are super soft. MiH clams these jeans run true to size, but I think a size 28 would have been better than the size 27 I received. I typically wear a size 27, but these 27’s were a tad too snug for me. I thought the wash of these jeans was vintage-esque and so unique. I love a denim wash that is strikingly different. The Marrakesh comes in a wide variety of washes, just in case you aren’t fond of the “Christie” wash.

Overall, I have to say, it’s easy to see why MiH is such a likeable brand and these Marrakesh flares are so 70’s chic, what girl wouldn’t want a pair? I’m so glad I was able to review a pair of their jeans. Although I haven’t reviewed other styles from this brand, I have a feeling I would be in love with them just as I was with the Marrakesh. I just urge you to either try on the jeans before purchasing, or perhaps size up because these jeans were not true to size for me. I like a jean to fit me perfectly, but also be comfortable to wear. I felt the sizes 27’s were a bit constricting, and I wouldn’t find myself wearing them through the day without feeling discomfort. I’m sure the size 28 would have been perfection on me. I will say, one thing that’s great about the MiH site is that they have a fit guide that walks you through the fit of each MiH style of jean. Very helpful when determining which size you should get. Had I known about their fit guide, I probably would have been able to determine a better fit.

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