JFour Spring/Summer 2012 Men's Lookbook JFOUR-MEN-03915.JPG

Following on from the Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook I posted earlier, here is the Spring/Summer 2012 season from JFour which is showing lots of tattooed sixpacks. Ooops, got a little distracted there for a second. What I mean to say is lots of bleached out blue jeans and whites, all with a slimmer line and a more body conscious, very Italian style. None of those overly baggy or drop crotch jeans here. Even their cut-offs are on the slimmer side which makes you guys look so much more attractive than those baggy and slouchy ones I usually see you wearing. So, come on guys, we girls deserve some eye candy too. Try one of these sexier styles. And you really don’t need the ink to make them look good.

JFour Spring/Summer 2012 Men's Lookbook JFOUR-MEN-04169.JPG
JFour Spring/Summer 2012 Men's Lookbook JFOUR-MEN-04163.JPG

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