Lisette Loves: Dsquared2 Paint Splashed Jeans DSQUARED_Composite.jpg

When winter comes I always feel that there is a lack of sartorial creativity in the air. I mean, OK, so we are kinda covering up in long coats and nobody really sees what you are wearing. So who cares, right? Wrong! Actually, I do care. Very much so. After all, I’m dressing for myself and not for others, so I need to feel good regardless. My point is: even though they are invisible to everyone else, I still have to find jeans that are different. I don’t really want any colored jeans, or anything extreme like harem jeans, but I love jeans that make me stand out from the dark blue ocean of jeans we see right now.

So guess what jeans fit the bill? Dsquared² Jeans! The beautiful, outrageously expensive Italian brand which has been designing outstanding jeans which are incredibly unaffordable for most of us (till now).

I was browsing at YOOX and noticed the price tag was only $145!! Yeah, baby, I could just hear those Dsquared² jeans calling my name! Not only are they 100% cotton, something that almost no American brand produces right now, but they also have that little something that to make me go gaga – PAINT SPLASHED ALL OVER THEM!!!

Tell me these jeans don’t rock!

I have to stress out, even though they have no stretch, their fit is PERFECT. They are a slouch skinny, neither too tight. nor too baggy. I am wearing them with colorful thick socks and booties!

Lisette Loves: Dsquared2 Paint Splashed Jeans Front Magnified.jpg
Lisette Loves: Dsquared2 Paint Splashed Jeans Rear Magnified.jpg