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Mad Style – J Brand 801 Leggings in Snow Leopard

Mad Style – J Brand 801 Leggings in Snow Leopard
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A cold snap has hit London and it’s making me all too excited to return home to California for the holidays! Although frosty weather definitely contributes to the christmas spirit I think I wouldn’t mind a bit of sunshine here and there right about now. School is finally out however and somehow I’ve managed to be busier than ever, not quite the relaxing break I was expecting! What I’ve been dying for with all the errands and meet ups I’ve been running back and fourth too is a pair of jeans that are stylish but versatile, which is right where this pair of J Brand 801 Jeggings in Snow Leopard come in.

These skinnies are perfectly on key for the holidays. I’m not typically a huge fan of printed denim but this pair hits the mark on both comfort and style, proving my previous hesitations towards patterns entirely misguided. I absolutely love how these fit–they’re snug but stretchy and hit right past the ankles, which is perfect for flats or heels. They’re mid-rise with a 30 inch inseam and thanks to their legging like qualities are just what I need for all the lovely meals that coincide with the holidays, but have a sturdy enough feel that I doubt they’d be stretching too far any time soon.

I was surprised at how many different outfits these could work with. Thrown on with a t shirt and biker boots or dressed up with heels and a silky top these could transition from grocery store to galleries with just a few change ups. I know everyone is stressed out at this time of year and being able to keep your wardrobe switches few and far between (without sacrificing style) is hard to achieve, but J Brand has made it simple with these edgy but understated trousers. J Brand are known for their perfect fit, as well as their unique style and I can’t say I have any complaints with this pair. Heidi Klum and Khloe Kardashian seem to agree, the former rocking hers to a day at the pumpkin patch, Khloe showing hers off at LAX, once again proving their versatility.

I hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the holiday season, hopefully soon mine will calm down and I’ll be able to kick back and relax–preferably in a pair of jeans as cool as these.

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