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Paige Adams-Geller, Founder & Designer of Paige Denim was in London last week and I was invited along to meet her and learn what they have in store for 2012. Having met Paige a few times in the past I knew that I was in for a treat – she’s friendly, charming, funny, she looks fabulous in her Paige Jeans and she always does a great job of presenting her collections. But before we get onto the jeans I should first of all mention that Paige Premium Denim now has a new name – Paige Denim. The tweak of the branding may be subtle but I think it makes good sense. Not only does it sound simpler and more iconic, but losing the “premium” seems appropriate considering the current economic climate.

So having established that SS12 would now be released under the name Paige Denim it was onto the jeans themselves. Everyone knows that Paige are famous for their fabulous fitting classic looking jeans, but what you might be interested to learn for 2012 they are going to be right on top of the more fashion forward denim trends. The coloured trend that hit in 2011 is definitely set to continue next year with Paige offering a selection of more muted, dusty colours rather than the vibrant shades we saw this year. If denim of a single hue is not enough for you next summer then no need to worry Paige are also delivering a great set of multi-coloured printed jeans which will really get heads turning.

I was accompanied on the meeting by Aleksandra (the newest member of our reviewing team) who had the pleasure of trying on the collection whilst I was talking to Paige. As you can see from the photos below Paige are presenting a set of strong, sexy, fashion-forward jeans for when you want to get noticed, but then they will still be delivering their regular line of classic jeans for everyday wear – the best of both worlds.

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