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Hey everyone, I’m back with some more denim advice for wearing your jeans in winter – and for stopping them from sliding down past your butt while you are hanging on for dear life in an overcrowded bus or subway πŸ˜‰

I have been reviewing Raven’s lookbooks for a while now, and I have seen almost all of their collections. I even own a couple of their jeans. I can tell you that somehow, when I wear their jeans, I feel like I’m wearing a second skin. Their skinny bootcut trouser jeans are absolutely my life savers when I have a more formal event to attend. I just slip into a pair of high heel boots and a blazer and they look awesome. And, of course, the best thing is, they don’t slide down my hips while I walk. The secret to their holding in place is that they are cut in such a way that they sit snugly, but not too snugly, on my hips. The same goes for their twill pants shown below, which you can wear either rolled up or – as I prefer – tucked into knee high boots. Pair it with an oversized sweater and there you go – ready for climbing up steps, bending down and holding on to the “straps” in the subway without sacrificing decorum!

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Then, of course there are those unbeatable Levis 501’s. Even though they are 100% cotton and have no stretch at all, for me these jeans work well ALL THE TIME. They are higher waisted and, even after you’ve worn them for a while, they sit right where they are supposed to sit, which is on your waist and not below!! They adapt to your movements and being that they are made of a heavyweight denim, they always stay right in place. And you can have so much fun with them because there are so many ways to wear them. Just let me give you a few examples of what I did with mine: First, there is a stiff raw selvedge pair that I am working on to become my very own personal jeans. Then there are those vintage ones full of rips and patches in a bleached-out wash. And lastly, I also have an old, old pair of vintage red Levis 501’s that are so soft now and totally fashionable if you’re into colored jeans!

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We have talked a lot about Denimocracy jeggings here – but did you know that they also make “plain” denim jeans!? By plain I don’t mean simple or boring. I just mean to say that they don’t have those wild prints on them we are accustomed to associating with Denimocracy. I haven’t tried on their plain jeans yet, but if their jeggings are anything to go by, these jeans will fit just as well. They are cut with a lower waist but not too low, and they are soft but still a true denim and not gummy and stretchy like a jegging. According to the guys at Denimocracy, the jeans are soft and smooth but not “buttery”, which is exactly what should make these jeans stay up and not slide down your butt.

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And last, but by no means least, I am thinking of my Beija Flor jeans, the ones I have told you about that have an amazing BRAZILIAN fit. This means that they sit perfectly snug on your hips, but a little bit looser around the legs. The benefit of this is that when you are walking, there is enough room left for the jeans to follow your movements without pulling down the part around the hips and waist. Also, these jeans are higher waisted – but not high-waisted – and this is where their true Brazilian craftsmanship becomes clear. The waist is so perfectly cut that it molds around you without pinching or gapping.

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And if all that doesn’t work, well, there are always braces and belts. And overalls!