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Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great start to the New Year!

A few weeks ago I was lucky to visit the Paige Denim showroom in London. I met Paige herself and even got myself a free pair of fantastic jeans. Quite a few beautiful jeans were tried on before I made up my mind but these leopard beauties stood out to me the most.

Paige Denim Leopard Verdugo Jeans are made of cotton and spandex. Like all Paige jeans they fit perfectly and the leopard pattern makes them look incredible. You might think it’s not that easy to style them but actually these jeans can be worn with all sorts of tops and shirts. Try a simple white or black t-shirt for a casual feel or add a fancy top (dark tones of green, red, grey, etc) for a more sophisticated look.

I have been reviewing very soft and stretchy denim before but these are more like a normal pair of jeans, which is something I really like about them. The great bonus of thicker jeans is that they are perfect for winter!

The mid-rise is really comfortable and the back pockets give you a nice lift. These jeans run true to size, so my usual 25 was perfect for me. Not too tight not too loose – just right.

Overall I think these jeans are amazing, no wonder I have chosen them for myself ☺ I hope you enjoyed this review guys! For more photos and updates please feel free to visit my personal blog

The Paige Denim Leopard Verdugo Jeans reviewed here are available online from ShopBop.

Aleks Style - Paige Denim Leopard Verdugo Jeans  IMG_6260.jpg

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