BLANKNYC Spring 2012 Lookbook BLANKNYC-BlankBook-05.jpg

By now you all know that I am the biggest fan of ripped, torn and bleached jeans, right?

BLANKNYC gives me those details I so desire. I am delighted to see those ripped and tie-dyed jeans as well as the double denim look below. The overalls with the halter top are an interesting alternative.

These jeans will be available for under $100. BLANKNYC offers us great jeans for a low price. What more can you ask for? 😉 Well done, BLANK!

BLANKNYC Spring 2012 Lookbook BLANKNYC-BlankBook-33.jpg
BLANKNYC Spring 2012 Lookbook BLANKNYC-BlankBook-08.jpg
BLANKNYC Spring 2012 Lookbook BLANKNYC-BlankBook-14.jpg

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