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It’s Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week time, so please check through my nominations and let us know who you think is the most stylish by voting for your favourite at the bottom of this post.

Oh Vanessa, you may not have Johnny Depp but you still have your red hot looks and style. What’s not to like about J Brand’s red coated skinnies with maitre d’s jacket, kohl lined eyes and bed hair?

Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week mm.jpg

J Brand’s Jodhpur looks amazing on everyone and I especially love seeing it on a curvy girl like Maria Menounos. The shoes aren’t fighting with the pop of colour on top and I love the statement necklace. The hair could be heading towards uptown girl but the big smile and confident stride makes me love the whole look.

Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week mk.jpg

I have that Alexander Wang handbag! I knew I liked Miranda Kerr. High rise skinny jeans – love them! Miranda shows us how you just can’t go wrong with this style. I love the jacket, scarf, sunglasses and boots with it, she’s ticked every accessory box for me.

Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week nh.jpg

The best thing about Nicky Hilton’s outfit are her boots. I love them! Nondescript skinny jeans but with those legs she could be wearing anything and I’d love it. Cute shoulder bag too, which makes me forgive the slightly off jumper.

Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week jd.jpg

Floral jeans are a huge trend and the accessories Jenna’s selected are perfect. The black hat band is key – it pulls the whole look together and stops it from being too muted. Very nice!


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